Historic GT Homes
A current list of homes on the National Historic Register in the neighborhood of Georgetown.

Banchero Residence
6426 Carleton Avenue South

Bertoli Residence
Duwamish Avenue

Dora Horton Residence
Carleton Avenue South

Germani Residence
5609 Corson Avenue South

Gessner Residence aka "The Castle"
6420 Carleton Avenue South (148 Estelle Street)

Holstak Residence
227 Orcas Street

Julius Horton Residence

Maes Residence
6307 13th Avenue South (moved to 1553 Shelton Street)

Maurer Residence
711 Homer

Mueller Residence
6201 Carleton Avenue South (101 Estelle Street)

Woodin Residence
5801 Corson Avenue South (507 Charleston Avenue)

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